Advisory Services


Corporate Finance

CorpFinCE provides general financial advice relating to shareholder value enhancement and capital structure optimisation, such as optimal capital mix. We also advise clients throughout the structuring, preparation and implementation of credit rating processes.


Capital Raising

CorpFinCE evaluates fund raising alternatives in respect to product and structure and assesses the specific client benefit. In respect to implementation CorpFinCE assists in negotiations with commercial banks and / or manages the process and approach towards institutional investors in the areas of private equity and private debt. Concerning the international public equity and debt capital markets CorpFinCE structures the process, assists in its implementation and provides support in selecting, coordinating and supervising the syndicate consortium.


Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring

CorpFinCE assists in the structuring and implementation of complex mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and corporate restructuring transactions, including spin-offs, split-offs and carve-outs and their implementations via the capital or the m&a markets.


MBOs, LBOs and Corporate Succession

CorpFinCE advises on management and leverage buy-outs, the restructuring of shareholder bases as well as on mechanisms for corporate successions. In this context CorpFinCE also advises in preparation, structuring and implementation of public-to-private transactions.


Other Corporate Finance-Related Services

CorpFinCE provides fairness opinions and advises clients on improving investor relations services to its shareholder base. Team members of CorpFinCE are also available for Corporate Finance-related workshops and seminars or coaching.